River Homelink Parent Partners

PAT- Parent Advisory Team

The Parent Advisory Team represents families from each department at River HomeLink. They strive to get the "heartbeat" of the parents and convey that to the staff. The PAT meets with the staff at the beginning of each calendar year to assist in the decision making process for the River HomeLink program design for the upcoming school year.

Contact Info:                      Rikki Harkelroad                                   rr_jetta_girl@yahoo.com

PIE- Partners in Education

The vision for PIE is to support and serve the families and staff of River HomeLink by creating and maintaining avenues through which such help can be given.  We hope to maintain a positive presence through family friendly fundraising events, social events and school events.  We also hope to support the principal and staff in keeping communication channels open and active between teachers, staff and families.

Contact Info:                      Kelly Farah                           [email protected]


The Library Committee is a group of parents and students working to establish a library for our school.  All parents and students are welcome to join us whenever possible to work on establishing the library, promoting reading, and voicing their ideas and concerns.  

Contact Info:                                      


Meeting times:           TBA


High School Parent Group

The High School Parent Group is a group of parents seeking ways to better the high school experience for our teenagers by fostering relationships between students, parents, and staff.  All parents are welcome to join us whenever possible to work on community-building projects and voice their ideas and concerns.

Contact Info:            TBA         



This group meets when there is relevant alternative learning experience legislation to discuss and lobby for.  


Seniors' Parents
This group meets to plan  fundraiser for the Senior Class.
Contact Info:     Lisa Cox