PIE Board

President:         Kelly Aiello

Vice-President: Angelina Kubena

Treasurer:          Paula Newberg


Director:            Rikki Harkelroad

Director:            Kelly Farah

Make Sure to Check out the schools website http://riv.battlegroundps.org/ to complete the most recent survey. The data collected will help with planning for next years 2018/2019 class choices!


The vision for PIE is to support and serve the families and staff of River HomeLink bycreating and maintaining avenues through which such help can be given.  We hope to maintain a positive presence through family friendly fundraising events, social events and school events.  We also hope to support the principal and staff in keeping communication channels open and active between teachers, staff and families.


On a large scale, the goals of PIE include:

  • To raise money to support schools needs, events and wish lists;
  • To become more accessible to the families and staff of the school;
  • To aid in communication;
  • To support and maintain a unified family atmosphere within the school environment.

Fundraising Uses:

  • Teacher and classroom wish lists
  • Sports and play equipment
  • Computers and Technology

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